The Exhaustion is REAL! A Big Salute to our Front Liners for their Never-ending Dedication.

Photo Credit: Unsplash
Since the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, the main group of people who are working their sweat off with many sleepless night and inadequate food or drinks are none other than, our front liners. Many front liners are now suffering from either physical or psychological disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and from all the sleepless nights, many have developed insomnia. For a job to be done smoothly without any hiccups, requires effort and dedication. However, any job that is costing more than your effort and cause disruption to your mental health is definitely something that needs to be given most of your attention to. Many tend to neglect and set aside these signs that can put your daily life off. But it is truly important to always keep an eye on those who are dying in silence. This pandemic has taken the lives of many and that include the lives of front liners as well. Recent studies have revealed that many have died by contracting the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus and some are our front liners too. Does that mean they voluntarily signed up for an ending like this? Or, it’s the sacrifice they chose to make not knowing what the ending would be like. Either way, it is BRUTAL! Well, for us, the front liners are our soldiers to this viral war! Additionally, some of the front liners have and still facing mental break-outs in their participation to fight against COVID-19. The multiple waves of the situation, the fluctuating number cases as well as all the MCO’s that comes with restrictions, many of them have been put under constant pressure and this has taken a major toll on their mental health. Being away from family during this awful state of the country is just a cherry on top of the cake kind of a situation that no one deserves to be place at. Just by the saying goes, one will lead to the other, some of our soldiers have even committed suicide unexpectedly.     Do our soldiers deserve an ending like this? For their endless service to us and to our country? For their sacrifices? Absolutely NOT! They are the most deserving group of people for the government’s privileges whether it is our country or any country per se at the moment. Dear people of the higher authority, please provide our front liners transportation and accommodation. Provide them proper meal. Provide them allowances because they do have a family and they have their lives to live. Provide them accommodation! CAUSE THEY DESERVE IT! And of most, these are the least you could do for their impeccable service for us every day. Setting aside the potential take of the virus on them, whether its several days of being quarantined or worst comes worst, death, these soldiers are standing still with their dedicated soul to fight this battle. What we can do for them on our behalf?   Of course, the government should do what is right for them and they should give extra attention to our front liners. But what we can do to help them? How about staying at home for the next couple of months to minimise they number of contacts? How about following the SOP’s set for us? I bet it is doable and it is one of the supports we can give to our front liners in fighting this battle. We all want the same outcome. To have our beautiful country and world be free from COVID-19. Let us do it together. We do not want to suffer for long. So, YOU MAKE THE CHOICE!   For a better tomorrow, let us join hands with our amazing front liners to make our world be free from this pandemic. Our will is powerful and let us give it out for something good!             TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. ALSO, A BIG SALUTE TO OUR FRONT LINERS!   by Ms.Linda,ePink Health Medical Writer