Corporate Wellness

Our aim is to provide you with a well-functioning working team who's always at their peak performance.

ePink Health cares about your health hence we offer you the best PERSONALIZED HEALTHCARE at your fingertips. Our aim is to provide you with a well-functioning working environment so that your company flourishes. Our multidisciplinary occupational healthcare staff are available anywhere and anytime to meet your employee’s physical, physiological and psychological needs so that they can always be at their peak performance.

What are occipational injuries

Why you should be concerned

Occupational injuries are injuries contracted as a result of working in a specific occupational setting

A corporate incurs loss due to occipational injuries in terms of productivity, insurance premiums and training of replacement workers

Why ePink Health?

-We understand the pain work-loss cycle and its effect on the corporate

-We stop the progression of chronic disease

What do we provide?

Work station analysis

Training and Education to staff

Tele consultation

Employer monitoring system

On-call Physiotherapy service

Mental Health Counselling

Additional Services

Pre-Employment screening

Full Body Screening

Doctor Consultation

Provision and Record of Medical Leave

Workplace Drug Test

Free Medication Delivery

Terms & Conditions Applies

The patient's eligibility for the package must be verified by a healthcare provider. This care plan is applicable only for Covid-19 patients in category 1 & 2 with low comorbidity & below 60 years old. Not valid for pregnant women & babies below 2yrs old. If the patient requires a hospital admission after verification, this package does not guarantee a hospital admission. Strictly non-sharing & non-refundable and payment terms have to be as per company policy. Other T&C apply.


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