ePink Health app project initiated March 2020. ePink Health is a science-driven, healthcare technology firm that focuses on discovering, developing, commercializing and marketing the invention and innovation for the patient and general healthy population.

'ePink' is derived from the combination of the first alphabet 'e' representing electronic together with the word 'pink'. There is an english idiom, ‘In the Pink of Health’ which means very good health from both physical and mental state collectively.

Now, we are working together with our very qualified and experienced healthcare providers in bringing in the best personalized healthcare for you and your loved ones whenever and wherever you are.


ePink is a tele-medicine service platform that expedites healthcare services via texts, audio and video calls. We are here to help you get the fastest medical advice from the country’s best physicians through our application. We also provide services such as medical second opinions and medication delivery to your doorstep. All this is at the comfort of your home! Our integrated objective is to build and deliver simple, accessible, affordable digital healthcare solutions to everyone for an improvised living. Currently, we are at final stage to launch pilot test for our on demand virtual healthcare mobile application in android and ios platform.

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