Telemedicine, a revolutionary tool for extensive medical services delivery via modern technology. (Developed, developing and third world countries)

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Everyone deserves to get medical attention’. With that being said, anyone or anybody with various backgrounds and lifestyles are entitled to fell into illnesses and their healthcare should be the top priority. However, how many of them are getting an immediate medical consultation? How many people could afford to travel from their respective place to any nearby clinics? Well, I suppose we all know the answer to it! Although we are still in midst of development, there are still plethora of things that neither have much exposure to nor a development to. Telemedicine, without any doubt is one of it.   Telemedicine is known to be revolutionary tool enabling remote engagement between a patient and a healthcare provider. The era of modern technology has enabled doctors from their respective disciplinaries to consult patients by using HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tools. HIPAA is the acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, a law that is strongly enforced to maintain the sensitivity of patient’s information from disclosing them without their consent.  


This modern technology never failed in proving its reliability and therefore making healthcare widely accessible, help in saving costs and not forgetting to increase patients engagement with their physicians virtually regardless of where they are residing, rural or city, as long they have their gadgets are ready with uninterrupted internet connection. Telemedicine allows physicians to do real-time monitoring of their patients and capture vital reading through their respective computer screens at a faraway location. The existence of telemedicine application, patients can now see their preferred doctor for an immediate consultation as well as the related treatment without having the need to queue in the clinic or even acquiring an appointment. Patients from every corner of the nation can now have an equitable medical service or consultation with their preferred doctor at the comfort of their own home.  

by Ms.Linda,ePink Health Medical Writer.