A Rising Demand for Blood Donation

Photo Credit: Unsplash
The demand for blood donation takes precedence at the moment after seeing a sharp rise in the depletion of blood bags stocks in the National Blood Centre (PDN) and blood banks especially when the country took a major hit due to COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the incident, various blood campaigns and booths was arranged at hospitals and public premises to ensure those who are healthy and eligible to reach out to the organisers and staffs to donate their blood without any hindrance. However, with the previous movement restrictions and due to safety concerns of both the donor and organisers, the number of campaigns and booths was reduced tremendously. Majority of the donors were unable to pursue their blood donation due to movement control order and for the rest was hesitance and fear towards the illness and these factors has created major setback to the blood banks because of the limitation it imposed on hospitals to perform surgeries due to accidents, pregnancies or treatments for patients with complex or chronic conditions and needs and immediate blood transfusions. While we are slowly recovering from the pandemic, now, many non-profit organisations, public/private sectors, universities, and hospitals, with their collaborative efforts, are announcing various blood donation campaigns at their own facilities or public areas such as shopping malls to bring the attention back to blood donation.  Therefore, we strongly recommend everyone who are eligible and were regular donors previously, to step up and make use of the platforms to safe our fellow citizens from dire situations in the hospital. A single donation could save up to 3 lives, and we encourage every resident of the country to do the needful to ensure the blood storages in the National Blood Centre (PDN) and blood banks are adequate for each blood groups and kept at a neutral level. It’s our responsibility to bring a difference in someone’s life especially now, when we are back to the ‘free’ zone. However, it should be noted that we are in the endemic phase and attention towards safety must be a priority at all times. Please support blood donation and always comply to the SOP set by the facilities for a seamless blood donation process. Please refrain from donating your blood if you have COVID-19 symptoms and do opt for preliminary tests before proceeding with the donation. Let’s support blood donation and save people’s lives.