COVID-19 Management

Covid-19 Total Antibody Test

The Covid-19 Antibody Screening is for any individual interested to find out if your immune system is responsive towards the Covid-19 vaccination. This Covid-19 Antibody Screening determines the level of your antibody response by measuring the quantity of antibodies in your blood sample after a vaccination

The screening is recommended to test the levels of antibodies present in a person post-vaccination (14days after 2nd dose of vaccination). The level of these antibodies vary from one person to another, depending on the individual's immune system.

How is the test performed?

-Blood sample will be collected by certified medical personnel

-Blood will be sent to lab

-Report will be out within 2 days

How to book

1. Go to our booking page

2. Complete the booking form

3. Make payment

4. Our operation team will get in touch with you


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